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NeoPax IncHere at NeoPax, Inc., we specialize in wireless transmitter belts which are now the standard in Motion Picture, Television, and Live Performance industries worldwide.

A collaboration between a microphone boom operator and a seamstress resulted in the creation of a simple yet effective product. A neoprene belt that enables users to quickly, easily and comfortably secure and conceal a transmitter on a performer's body.

Neopax Incorporated is proud to announce that we have been granted a United States Design Patent, U.S. Patent Number : US D748,911 S

Neopax Ankle BeltNeoPax wireless transmitter belts were developed in 2006 by microphone boom operator Mark Grech and seamstress Deborah Wallace. Mark was continually frustrated with the available existing belts and collaborated with Deborah to design a belt that was thin & comfortable, able to attach anywhere along the length of the belt, has a non-sliding transmitter pouch, and provided better insulation from transmitters that tend to heat up.

Our goal, at NeoPax, Inc, is to continually provide sound technicians with the quickest, most comfortable and easy to use transmitter belts available. We encourage your comments and suggestions because we know that field experience helps build a better product.

Choose any of our belts in black, white or beige, in the following lengths:
Ankle (17"), Thigh & Thigh-Hi (25"), Waist (40"), Big-Boy (60"), Chest belt (45")

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  • Standard
    pouch dimensions
    89mm (H) x 76mm (W) [3.5" x 3.0"]
  • SM
    pouch dimensions
    76mm (H) x 57mm (W) [3" x 2.25"]